Latest News! - Current Year

Oct 21st - BOD reports
Septic Pumping Discount Opportunity
Septic Pumping Discount Opportunity Sponsored by Randall Lee - October 21, 2022 Recognizing that we all need our septic tanks pumped once in a while, Randall Lee is working on getting a list of people together who need their septics serviced. He is hoping to get a quantity discount rate for septic pumping if he can get enough people who want to participate. Depending on how many people you have in your home, the septic tanks may need pumping, typically, every 3-5 years. Of course, if you just bought your house the septic tanks would have been pumped more recently, but others have been longer. This is a private initiative by Randall, not officially sponsored by the HOA. If you want to participate, you can call Randall at 206-310-9628 or email him at

Sep 23rd - BOD reports
Annual Meeting Scheduled - November 5, 2022
The 2022 Annual Meeting of PRRHOA is scheduled for Saturday, November 5, at 1:00 PM. It will be held at the Gig Harbor Library Meeting Room after a couple of years of virtual meetings. You will receive the official meeting announcement in a couple of weeks in the mail. We do not have any Board members to be elected this year, so the only issues that may require a vote will be those raised at the meeting. One vote will be for approval of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes, currently in draft form. These are available for review under Meeting Minutes on this website. We hope to see you there.

Latest News! - Past Years

Nov 29th - BOD reports
Annual Meeting Briefing - November 14, 2021
The Point Richmond Ridge HOA Annual Meeting was held on November 13, 2021, at 3:00 PM over the Zoom conferencing service. We had good attendance. The meeting was recorded on Zoom and will be available for viewing over the next month or so. The link to the video and the passcode are below. (You will need the passcode.)
Link to the meeting
Passcode: vyCU*m=1

New Directors elected to three-year terms beginning January 1, 2022, were Marc Janes and Tom McKee. Steve Treese was re-elected. The new Board will allocate the HOA positions among themselves in the near future.

One request at the Annual Meeting was for residents along the hills on 13th, 136th, and 138th to keep an eye on the drains going down the hill and keep them clear of leaves. Residents at the bottoms of these hills have been having flooding in their drives and yards. As the drains coming down the hill plug with leaves, all the water ends up trying to get into the drains at the bottom and can't do it. This is a reminder for the winter when we have snow, too. The same thing can happen with snow plugging the drains. Keeping the drains clear and flowing is as easy as just raking or shoveling off the leaves/snow. Thank you for helping your neighbors!

Nov 9th - BOD reports

Notice: Annual Meeting Zoom Link Posted, Nov 6, 2021
The Zoom link for the PRRHOA Annual Meeting has been sent electronically to all Owners for whom we have an email address. There were a couple of bounce-backs because of address changes; but it looks like most people got the email. If you are an owner and have not received the link, it means we do not have a valid email address for you. If desired, please send your email address to and we will send the Zoom link to you - it is easier than trying to type it in.
Also, if you hold the proxy for another Owner, you must get it to a Board member before the Zoom meeting on November 13. We do not anticipate any votes at the meeting, but the proxy will help establish quorum. "

Oct 19th - BOD reports

The PRRHOA Annual meeting announcement has been sent out, along with the ballot and 2022 Budget. We are following the vote-by-mail provisions of our Bylaws. We just completed the open nomination period for Directors. Voting by mail creates difficulties for the "secret ballot" provision of the Bylaws. This year, we are asking that you mark and fold your ballot and DO NOT make any identifying marks on the folded ballot. Then send the folded ballot in the envelope provided. Please mark the outside of the envelope with your address or lot number. When the envelopes are received and opened, the envelopes and the ballots will be separated and shuffled so that we don't know which ballot went with which envelope. The envelopes will be counted for quorum purposes and ballots will be counted separately. This isn't much different from how the State does vote-by-mail.
The Budget format for 2022 is slightly different from past formats. There are separate Operating and Reserve Budgets. The two are connected by the annual transfer of the planned Reserves contribution from the Operating Budget to the Reserve Budget. Planned expenditures from Reserves are shown under Reserves Budget. In the new format, you can clearly see what was spent from each pool of money. Things that are supposed to be spent from Reserves will show up under that Budget.

The detailed Reserve Study for 2021 and the annual summary are posted under Financial Records on this website. Our Reserves are based on repairing the road as needed to avoid having to do a major repaving job. This means that our dues plan and Reserves contributions support repairs, but not repaving. We are continuing to watch the road conditions and may need to adjust this premise in the future based on what we are seeing.
We compared our HOA dues with many other communities in the Gig Harbor area to see if we were reasonable. We are in the middle of the pack. The main differentiator in annual dues is who maintains the roads. Communities with private roads, like ours, had the highest dues in general. Communities where the county or city maintained the roads had much lower dues. A few areas with private roads had lower dues than us; but usually the roads were smaller or they just weren't being maintained.

Polly Brantner resigned her Director's position in the HOA in August. She has been replaced by Patty Lee through the end of the year. Patty is continuing the work Polly started on landscaping maintenance projects and ACC activities. Thanks to Patty for being willing to step into these important roles and thanks to Polly for her help over the past several months.

On maintenance items, the road repairs and sealing have been completed. The final cost was slightly under the projected cost. We had planned to refresh the bark and gravel around the playground this year, but it looks like that may have to be deferred to 2022. We have had difficulty getting bids for work this year.
Have you ever wondered where the storm water drainage goes from our roads? Hint: it does not drain into the Sound. We have as-built drawings for our storm drainage system. The storm sewers discharge into underground "infiltration fields", similar to septic leach fields. The fields are made from 12-inch perforated pipes embedded in crushed rock. They are located within the 15-foot easements along the sides of the roads. Most of the fields are next to the lowest catch basins. These fields can become clogged with dirt and leaves, so avoid putting anything down the drains that can clog the perforated pipes. Also, it is important not to put any hazardous materials or oils into the storm drains as these will accumulate or leach into the ground water. Some catch basins at the bottoms of hills have felt filters inside them. These are there to catch the bigger dirt and oil and to keep materials out of the infiltration field. We are looking at cleaning out the storm drains on a more regular basis in the future.

REMINDER: The open areas and parks are not for dumping. We have had at least 2 instances of oil being disposed of in the past year in one park area. In addition to being a violation of our Covenants and Bylaws, disposal of oil like that is illegal under State law. If we need to clean up oil in the park and can identify who dumped it, the cost of cleanup plus any State fines will become an immediate assessment against that Owner. If we can't identify the culprit, the cost is on all of us. If you see anyone dumping oil in the parks, notify the Board immediately.
As we enter winter, now that we have enough money available in the Budget for some snow removal, if required. We will monitor any snow events this next year and will arrange for snow removal if we get a lot of snow that does not melt off in a few days.

Oct 4th - BOD reports
Please check out the 3rd Quarter 2021 Newsletter on this website under "Newsletters". It covers a number of issues and upcoming events.
Please read the roads report here: Road Repairs and Sealing

May 27th - BOD reports
Please check out the 2nd Quarter 2021 Newsletter on this website under "Newsletters". It covers a number of issues and upcoming events.

Covenant Extension
  By now, you've probably received your letter and signature sheet regarding extension of the protective parts of the Covenants for our community (the Maintenance Covenants are perpetual and don't expire). As background, apparently our developer, Ren Martin, adapted an old set of Covenants that were used when protective covenants were required to have expiration dates. This has not been a state requirement for several years. As explained in the letter, lapse of the Protective Covenants removes restrictions on activities on lots (the controls still apply to common areas, like the roads). If the Protective Covenants are allowed to expire, we believe that most people would still maintain and use their property in a manner that would preserve their and their neighbor's property values; however, if they chose to do something else or chose not to maintain their property, the HOA couldn't do anything about it. A few other HOAs have lost these provisions and the appearance of those communities has deteriorated such that they lag behind in property values.
  The Board felt it was in the best interests of the community, and consistent with the legal responsibilities of the Board, to extend the Protective Covenants. The Board is asking for your approval by executing an instrument aproving extension (the signature page). Note that, since it is a legal document, you need to have your signature notarized and we will try to make that as easy as possible. If we achieve the approval by 42 owners, the signature pages will be appended to the instrument extending the covenants and this will be recorded with the county. THIS IS A ONE-TIME OPTION TO EXTEND THE PROTECTIVE COVENANTS. If they are allowed to lapse in January 2022, any replacement covenants could only be reinstated by a unanimous instrument executed by all Owners - which would be essentially impossible.
  We will continue to try to be consistent and fair in administering the covenants. Note that the Maintenance Covenants continue in any event, so there will still be an HOA collecting dues for maintenance of all the common facilities. If you have questions, ask any Board member.
Board Activities
The 2021 Board of Directors has been meeting monthly on the second Wednesday of each month. We are finally able to meet face-to-face now that we are all vaccinated. We have been addressing a number of issues that have been on the back burner for some time:

  In December, Jim Watterson resigned from the Board as vice-president. Thanks to Jim for his service in several capacities over the past few years. We have chosen not to replace Jim at this time. We will be seeking candidates for the Board election in the fall for those interested. We will be twisting arms if we don't get enough candidates! There will be two positions up for election.
  The Board is integrating HOA Community Solutions (HOACS) into our business processes with their expanded role as necessary. You will see more communications coming from them going forward. The new policies we have implemented will be largely administered by HOACS, for instance.
  We are looking hard at the quality of landscape maintenance we are getting from our current landscape contractor. There are several areas that need bark and gravel replenished. Polly Brantner is working to improve the performance. We may be forced to bid the work again if she is unsuccessful. It is hard to hold residents to a landscape maintenance standard when the HOA is fallen down on landscaping.
  You can catch up on all the Board activities in the Meeting Minutes section of this website.

Prior Years

Nov. 18th - BOD reports
Election Results and 2021 Budget
Congratulations to newly elected Directors Polly Brantner and Bruce Harjehausen and congratulations to Karen Streeby on her re-election. Continuing Directors are Steve Treese and Jim Watterson. The new Board will take office on January 1, 2021. We want to thank the outgoing President, Randall Lee, for his years of service to PRRHOA in several capacities.
We held our Organizational Meeting on November 17. The new Board positions will be:

The 2021 Budget was adopted by the HOA at our Annual Meeting on November 7. The approved budget is posted with the Financial Records on our PRRHOA website. The primary change you may notice is that the HOA dues are increasing to $500 per year (or $250 every 6 months) beginning January 1, 2021. This increase covers higher costs for administration and maintenance, and it ensures we will be able to maintain adequate reserves for several years. Even with this increase, our dues are still much less than those of similar communities in this area - we hope to keep it that way through good management and diligence.

Nov. 4th - BOD reports
Annual Meeting and Board Elections
Everyone should have received their PRRHOA Annual Meeting announcement. The meeting this year will be on Zoom on Saturday, November 7, at 4:00 PM. Please attend or be sure someone who does attend has your signed proxy form.

Instruction for participating using ZOOM
Talk to you all on Saturday.

Sept. 23rd - BOD reports
Greetings to all residents and members of the Point Richmond Ridge (PRR) Homeowners' Association (HOA)!
Please watch your USPS mailbox during the next few weeks for the required formal mailing announcement of our PRR HOA Annual Meeting!
Due to COVID-19 considerations, your Board of Directors (BOD) has decided to conduct this upcoming meeting in a "virtual-environment" via use of Zoom Meetings. Use of Zoom was selected based on input from a vast majority of our neighbors having experience using Zoom. The upcoming required formal mailing will include all necessary instructions for your participation and associated voting-utilities.
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for all those who choose to participate . the need to submit an applicable email address for Zoom Log-in purpose to: Doing so will ensure an "invite/log-in" to the meeting at its scheduled date and time. Thank you for your understanding and advance-action! . it really does help your community volunteers in service toward all our neighbors!

Thanks again,

Apr 6th - BOD reports
Backflow Assembly Testing - 2020 All those Residents that have a landscape irrigation system installed on their property are subject to a WA State Department of Health mandate to have the Backflow Assembly within the system tested annually by a state certified Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT). The purpose of this required test is to ensure that contaminants (pesticides/fertilizers/run-off) do not enter (backflow) into your personal and/or the public potable water supply systems.
In the past, the PRR HOA ACC has coordinated with a certified BAT to facilitate a very favorable cost for residents to have this testing service provided. For 2020, the ACC has once again contacted "The BAT Lady" (Jennifer Mercado) to provide this service to those residents that choose to have her do so during May 7th, 8th, and 9th (based on the number of residents that opt-in). Jennifer's greatly reduced fee, will again this year be identified at $30 per Lot owner. If you choose to leverage this opportunity for Jennifer's service, the following information and procedure applies for this year:

Mar 26th - BOD reports
In light of the recent closures of city playgrounds and facilities, our HOA board has agreed that it would be best to follow these guidelines and restrict the use of the play structures at our neighborhood playground until the quarantine is over.
Since we are a private development, the area will not be policed, so we appreciate your collective cooperation in making sure that the playground equipment is not used during this time.
Thanks for your cooperation and stay safe!

Dec 30th - BOD reports
Please see the Progress Report on Updating the Governing Documents as is provided by the HOA BOD:

Dec 20th - BOD reports
The PRR HOA Board of Directors wishes to extend sincere gratitude and a warm salutation to Mr. Hal Herzberger for almost ten years of service to our PRR HOA Architectural Control Committee as both its Managing Secretary as well as an active member. During these many years, Hal has tirelessly contributed to successful execution of countless community projects that include our Playground build-out, roads maintenance, greenbelts maintenance, storm drains maintenance, community signage, mailbox repair, among many others. In addition to these contributions, Hal has also been an integral member involved with identification and selection of many contractors to our HOA and working with others toward ensuring beneficial services delivery on behalf of all PRR. Based on personal considerations and a small need toward pacing oneself a bit, Hal has chosen to step-down from continued active ACC participation. We are honored to have had opportunity to work with Hal toward the betterment of PRR's common welfare over many years! Our "hats are off" to you, Hal! If it were not for folks like you, our PRR community would not be the great place that it is today! Once again, sir, a very BIG "shout out" to say . Thank you!

May 10th - ACC reports
Archon Tree Services will be onsite in Tract "G" on Tuesday, August 20th. They'll be here to cut down several Alder tree's that have been identified as being dead and/or dying.

May 10th - BOD reports
June 8, 2019 Open Board of Directors Meeting: The Point Richmond Ridge HOA Board of Directors is meeting at the Gig Harbor library large meeting room on June 8, 2019, starting at 2:00 PM. We encourage residents to come to this meeting to hear about the business of the HOA and to bring items of concern to the Board's attention.

We hope to see you there.

Are You Interested in Helping Our community?
Two Board members, have recently resigned and need to be replaced as soon as possible. The open positions are for Treasurer and Secretary. The incumbents, Bob Malady and Misty Moran, respectively, have graciously agreed to continue covering the positions for a short time and to help with the transitions. The time commitment for each of these positions is about 3-4 hours per month. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING CONSIDERED FOR ONE OF THESE POSITIONS, PLEASE LET ONE OF THE BOARD MEMBERS KNOW.

April 22nd- BOD reports
Our most recent First Quarter Newsletter reflects that an Open HOA Meeting will be conducted on Sunday, June 2nd at the Gig Harbor Library from 3:00 - 5:00PM. Please note that the date and time of this HOA Meeting has been changed to Saturday, June 8th at the Gig Harbor Library from 2:30 - 4:30PM. All Residents of Point Richmond Ridge are welcome to attend and share any thoughts and ideas with other neighbors. We hope to see you there!

December 6th - BOD reports
Winter has arrived!
Your ACC has recently put a 5-gallon bucket/container of "soft-salt" at the new Stop-Sign located at the intersection of 134th Street NW and 13th Avenue NW (first primary PRR entrance) as this intersection can become slippery and pose a hazard.
This new "salt-bucket" is air-tight with a screw-on top cover. There is a metal cup inside the bucket. The bucket's "soft-salt" contains an Eco-Friendly blend of salts that minimizes use of pure sodium chloride (NaCl). As such, it is favorable toward lawns, trees, shrubs, and our Puget Sound.
Should you need to use the salt for safe passage, please note that 4-5 cups (spread somewhat uniformly) is sufficient for treating the entire intersection. When closing the screw-on top of the bucket, it only needs to be "snug" to engage the gasket/seal. Be careful not to over-tighten which will break the seal, allow moisture in, and render the entire bucket unusable!
For your own property, during our cold and sometimes icy Winter months, please refrain from using traditional "Rock-Salt" on your driveways/walks. "Rock-Salt" is not only detrimental to the environment, it is also harsh for your landscape, concrete, and our newly repaired/re-sealed roadways.
Please be diligent and courteous toward fellow neighbors while driving throughout PRR . our entire community is much better with your considerate observance. Enjoy the Holiday Season and drive safely.
Thank you,
Patty Lee, ACC Liaison and Committee

October 16th - BOD reports
A recent mailing to all PRR HOA Lot Owners was recently sent. This mailing included the Third Quarter Newsletter and the Formal Announcement of our HOA Annual Meeting of Members with associated supporting documents. The supporting document of the Agenda contains an error. Within the Agenda, identified under New Business, Item A states: "Election of two Board Members for two-year Appointments." It should read: "Election of two Board Members for three-year Appointments." Notification and correction of this error will be addressed during the early on-set of the Annual Meeting. Thank you for your notation.

October 1st - BOD reports
Your PRR HOA Board of Directors extends Greetings to PRR Residents for our new 2018 Fall Season!
We wish to identify a couple important items for your attention. These items are as follows:

Enjoy a wonderful month of October! We look forward to seeing you in seven weeks at our Annual Meeting!

August 10th - Patty Lee reports:
Dear Fellow PRR Owners 8/7/18 We are starting this month on one of our most critical (and expensive) maintenance projects - sealing of our road system. Attached is the contractor's schedule and information sheet. Please be very diligent about following the instructions and take care to assist your neighbors with parking across the street, etc.
It will be very helpful if you all would ensure that no heavy truck traffic (gravel/ bark trucks, moving vans, etc.) is scheduled during the sealing period.
Since this is a very critical operation, should an owner damage the newly sealed surface before it is fully cured (before the barricades are removed), he or she will be assessed the cost of repairs.

PRR HOA Board of Directors

August 8th - Randall Lee reports:
Road sealing has been scheduled. Please see the following for details of the dates and locations
Road Seal Details

July 16th - Randall Lee reports:
Great news for PRR Homeowners! Complete evacuation of our Storm Drains System was completed early this month! This project completion has been long over-due and serves our community for the next 10-years! . a BIG Thank You is extended to our ACC volunteers for a job "well done"!

July 13th - Patty Lee reports: